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Thailand with Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP)

When: Dec 30/31, 2019 - Jan 11/12, 2020 *dates could change
How Much: $3,500 per person
Team Size: 20 (FULL)

Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand
5 million people in Hill Tribes
17% Evangelical (20% Christian)
Language: Karen

Interested in joining us in Thailand? Fill out an Exposure Trip application and email it to

Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), based out of Chiang Mai, is a well-established and respected organization working with hill tribe villages of northern Thailand. The team will support projects ITDP is pursuing to continue to develop relationships in the hill tribe villages, including water sanitation projects, construction, medical clinics and children’s ministries. The trip will be formed around the needs of the long-term team serving there and the skills of the short-term team going.

This will be the ninth Exposure Trip with ITDP.

Learn more about Thailand and the people group of this Exposure Trip.

Last day to turn in exposure trip application is August 15, 2019