The Well Community Church

Missions - Exposure Trips

Thailand - CRU with CRU Bangkok (CRU BKK)

When: June 6-20, 2020
How Much: $2,500 per person
Team Size: 15 (FULL)

Interested in joining us in Thailand? Here are the requirements for this trip:

1. Fill out an Exposure Trip application and email it to By January 19, 2020

2. Attend the Exposure Trip Training on January 25, 2020

3. Turn in $200 deposit by January 26, 2020.

4. Turn in Passport information by March 1, 2020

5. Attended 10-12 team meeting.

6. Be at Stories of Missions Event. Date: TBD

Trip Information

Bangkok, Thailand
68,200,825 million people in Thailand
Language: Central Thai

Serving in the city of Bangkok, Thailand which is the capital. Over 10 million people live in Bangkok, with multiple universities, with less than 1% believing in Jesus. We will be partnering with CRU Bangkok to relationally share the gospel at one of the largest universities through evangelism, sports and specific skills sets or talents that our team could offer, in helping the students to connect with CRU Bangkok.

Use the passions and skills God has given you to bless Thailand and share the love and truth of the gospel.