The Well Community Church

Romans Feed Series

A Tale of Two Brothers / Romans 14:13-15:1

February 22, 2015

Where the scriptures are clear, we must be obedient. But where the scriptures are vague, how are we to live? Our journey through Romans this week provides clear insights and practical steps to assist believers in living a life of obedience to God, even in the gray. Historically the church has either gravitated toward one of two extremes: legalism or license. Yet in Romans 14 the Apostle Paul gives direction on how believers should handle non-revelatory issues with the highest goal of demonstrating love toward one another.

Some would argue that the highest expression of spiritual maturity is flexing their biblical freedom but Paul challenges that notion. Instead he points us to the higher calling of considering our weaker brother. Those with maturity should never behave in a way that would intentionally cause another to stumble, and those with a weaker faith should not throw stones at those with freedom. Life is not about eating and drinking, but the expression of love within the diversity of the Kingdom of God.