The Well Community Church

Romans Feed Series

What God Says About Our Spiritual Gifts / Romans 12:3-8

January 18, 2015

Though the world might suggest this life is about accommodating self, God says we are gifted by Him to benefit others. However, identifying our spiritual gifts and utilizing them within the body of Christ is a lost art. Unfortunately the trend toward consumerism has influenced the church, and many are simply attending a service and hoping to be entertained. Churches have lost momentum, and simply resolved to put on a show and try not to lose anyone. But God says we are to be informed of our spiritual gifts and to utilize them in the Kingdom of God. Every follower of Christ has a unique role to play within the body, and we are all called to bring out gifts together as one. If we are not bringing our unique contributions to the body of Christ we will not be effective in making disciples. It’s time for an awakening to occur within the church, where every follower of Christ investigates their unique gifting and gives of themselves for the greater good of the glory of God.