The Well Community Church

Song of Solomon Sermon Series

Song of Solomon / Introduction

February 13, 2010

God uses Song of Solomon, an eight-chapter book of poetry tucked in the middle of the Bible, as a guideline to handle the most important relationship we will ever have – and that is of a husband and a wife. Song of Solomon is an incredible gem, often overlooked, misunderstood and misrepresented.

Song of Solomon is wisdom literature found in poetry form. Whether a single love poem or a collection of poems, God captures the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this exclusive relationship between husband and wife.

This book will resurrect in us a godly view of marital love, romance, intimacy and sexuality. God reveals what a relationship ought to be like through a couple living in a way which honors and brings glory to Him, from the beginning of attraction through engagement, proposal, wedding, and honeymoon night, to deepening.