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Women's Bible Study

The Way of Wisdom Part 1: Proverbs 10-15

March 21, 2018
Ashley Ploen
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These first few weeks of studying Proverbs has really been about nine chapters of warning. The main warning has been regarding why we need wisdom and what we need to run away from in order to stay the course. We will now shift into the section of the book that comprises actual proverbs—the short, pithy, punchy sayings we tend to be more familiar with. You will need your chart from pages 291-294 handy each day, as we will begin to fill in what this book has to say regarding specific themes or topics in skillful living.

It will be tempting as we study actual proverbs to see a list of ways we need to change or improve, a way to be more moral or righteous. However, the danger in studying proverbs is that we become more moral, but not more in love with Jesus. Or we become more disciplined and righteous, but not because it’s the righteousness of Christ in us, working through us.

The last thing we want after this study is a bunch of moral, self-righteous people. We want people who walk in the way of wisdom because Christ’s love flows through them and His Spirit works in them. So as you study these proverbs, be sure to do so not in your own strength or for self-righteousness, but do so in the strength of the Spirit because Christ’s righteousness is already in you.

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