The Well Community Church

Life Group Guide Primer

The Primer is designed to lay a foundation to your experience as a Life Group. Just like a painter puts a primer coat before the finished touch or a teacher uses a book of basics to introduce a subject to their students, so this Primer will help people get a vision of Life Groups that they can live out together.

The purpose of this video series is to help people expand their understanding of a Life Group and consider a biblical framework for them. Its design is both informative and interactive so that a Group can grow in general understanding and practical application.

Every Life Group is unique in its design and makeup because God has created us all differently, but there are some primary elements, or as we call them, rhythms, that we believe every Life Group should display. The Primer will help you gain an understanding of those rhythms and how to live them out within a community of others. "Helping people connect to God and to each other in every neighborhood” is our church’s mission statement and the central focus of Life Groups at The Well.

The Primer is not a curriculum that you have to complete but rather an opportunity to gather together with others for the purpose of:

  1. Getting to know each other through fellowship and testimony
  2. Considering what God’s Word has to say about spiritual growth, relationships and missional living
  3. Being a witness in your community to the gospel of Jesus Christ

A Bible and willingness to engage in God’s Word and with each other is all that is required.