The Well Community Church

Family Ministry - High School

Meet the Team

Nic Ferguson

Nic Ferguson Director of Student Ministries

As a previously sworn-in cop, Carnival Cruise Ping Pong Tournament Champion and former contestant on Wipeout, Nic Ferguson got his Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Theology from Calvary Chapel and has been in full-time ministry since 2004. He and his wife Leslea were married in 2005 and have three daughters.

The youngest of seven children, Nic is fluent in sarcasm, obsessed with the San Francisco Giants, and if you have any demo work you need done, he would love to spend a day smashing stuff up. When he’s not munching on beef jerky at the ballpark, you can find him eating pizza or playing football.

Jordan Hogue

Jordan Hogue North Youth Pastor

Jordan Hogue has always had an obsession with volcanoes, but prefers the life of a pastor rather than a volcanologist. His claim to fame is the ownership of a dog that is a direct descendant of Angelica Huston’s ranch dog. This obsession with his dog Penny pales only in comparison to his lovely wife Jamie.

When Jordan is not working on his house and putting his constantly falling apart, older than dirt truck back together, he likes to hit the golf course and make coastal trips with his wife. The gospel has radically transformed Jordan’s life, and it is the desire and motivation of that heart for all people to see the uniqueness and beauty of Jesus.

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Kyle Relph Fig Garden Youth Pastor

From the deep-wooded tundra, Kyle was born to a clan of lumberjacks who raised him in the ways of Jesus, music and whimsical banter. He then took his axe to Biola University where he received his Bachelors Degree in Cinema and Media Arts, with a minor in Bible. Realizing there wasn't enough sawdust in Hollywood, he took his posse of woodland creatures trapped in his beard to the great town of Fresno, California, where he now resides. Being sure to take care of his Momma Bear, he likes to spend his time sharpening his axe, being a man, and taking long walks on the beach.