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"Am I Really a Christian?"

Posted February 27, 2012 Jerrod Rumley


If we are really honest with ourselves as Christians, there comes a point when we ask ourself this question, "Am I Really a Christian?" Historically, when this question has come up in my own life, I have found I am usually wrestling with some profound experience or I am feeling the shame and guilt of running mach 5 on the "saved by works" treadmil. Maybe you too have wrestled with this question and maybe you have even left it hanging without a real tangible answer.

After PJ delieverd yesterday's sermon I was struck as a campus pastor by the thought that many of our people may be wrestling with this question. I have found a resource in the last year that does a really good job handling some of this issues which go along with this question. The book is called "Am I really a Christian?" by Mike McKinley and you can order it here (it's super cheap on your kindle). Together for the Gospel has also created a good review of the book which you can read here. Hope this helps!