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Practical Tips for Studying the Bible

April 19, 2012
Melissa Danisi
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This month in life group we've been talking about the bible. I know, weird, right? A bible study talking about the bible.

But we're talking about it in a different way. Why is the bible reliable? If it's reliable, why don't we rely on it? How do we rely on it?

The bible should be so much more than something we read. It should be something we live. It is meant to be a book that points to Jesus Christ and the redemption of His people. It is meant to be a book that helps us to see who God is and who we are, as well as who we are not. It is meant to lead us to worship. It helps with practical, daily living. It's a source encouragement, comfort, and peace.

But many do not view bible reading this way. We view it as a task, boring, guilt-driven chore.

Hopefully some of these practical tips will breathe life into your time in the Word and most importantly, grow you closer to the LORD! They have certainly brought me freedom, excitement, and delight in my time reading the bible.

  1. Pick one book to read through.
    I have tried the reading plans where you read through a few chapters each day to try and get through the bible in one year. I have found that going slow through one book is much more meaningful and deepens my understanding more than devotional type reading.
  2. Dedicate a block of time to read.
    For some, they read daily for __ mins. I however, was much more consumed with checking the box, than reading and understanding the bible. So I pick 1-2 times a week and have a much larger chunk of time to study/read. I read through smaller portions of scripture, look up words in a dictionary, use commentaries, and journal.
  3. Stay in the same book for the month.
    Pick a book of the bible and read through it the whole month. Read a chapter a day until you get through the book. Then reread it! Try to summarize each chapter in one word/sentence. (Oh yes! Ephesians 1 is all about our blessings in Christ!). Take out what you're learning and meditate (think) on a few scriptures each week. The more you read through a book, the more you'll start to remember where things are in the book.
  4. Journal/write what you're learning.
    This is powerful for memory, reflection, and understanding. Write out what you're learning, a verse that stood out to you, etc. Record what God is impressing in your heart. Deepen your understanding by writing what you're learning.
  5. Pick some scripture to meditate on or memorize.
    Many of us think we have to read the bible daily. The bible talks about "meditating" on the Word daily. That doesn't mean you have to read something new every day! It means to think about what you're reading, what God's word says, and keep it on your mind often. You need to be in the word to do that, but you also need to spend time "chewing" on the Bread of Life not just ingesting it!
  6. Accountability
    Get in a small group that holds you accountable. Join a bible study that keeps you in the Word. Join our Scripture Memory Team. We memorize a new scripture on the 1st & 15th of every month. Join here!
  7. Obey what it says.
    You've heard it said "The bible is not just for information, but transformation." Reading the bible should challenge you to think and live differently. As you obey little by little, step by step, your faith and discernment will deepen. The more you obey, the more you grow. The more you dismiss and disobey, the less fellowship and intimacy you'll have with the Father which will hinder your relationship with Him. Obey what you know to grow!
  8. Find someone to share with.
    A lot of times, our bible reading is dry because we're not sharing what we're learning with someone. Find someone you can share with. Find someone to disciple-to teach about Jesus. There is always someone who knows less than you or someone you can "transfer truth through relationship" to. Let the Word flow through you, like a river not a reservoir. As you fill up, pour it out. Just find something that works. Find a way to get into the Word and really spend time reading/studying. Someone said recently "A 10 minute quiet time 3 days a week isn't going to help you grow spiritually." And it's true! It's like trying to live on fast food, ya I guess it's better than nothing but it's not going to help you become healthy.

I hope some of these help. I'm praying that we become a people who not only "read" their bible, but understand it, delight in it, live from it, and fall in love with it!

"And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us . . ." (John 1:14)

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