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Praying With Kids in Cambodia

Posted June 17, 2019 Cambodia Team Member

Well Community Family! We are well on our way through our first week here in Cambodia. We are continuing to paint at AIM’s emergency family care center and spending our afternoons running, jumping and sweating out all calories while we worship, act out Bible stories, and play games with the kids. These kiddos come from all over Phenom Phem to be loved and just be kids. Some bringing younger siblings on their back and carry them while still trying to play games and have fun for themselves.

Each morning a few of us have been able to lead the disciple classes of young men and women. I had the privilege Wednesday morning to partner with my teammate Tony to talk to the young disciples about prayer. This experience was truly eye opening. These young disciples have the same worries and fears as we do: school, our futures, health, families. But they are scared to share with others as a sign of weakness, so we were able to come alongside them and encourage them that through our weaknesses we find strength, and in prayer we find hope in God.

Our time here in Cambodia has been so fun, so rewarding, exhausting at times, and challenging at times, but through prayer, communication and teamwork, we have been pushing through each and every day. Please continue to pray with us for continued perseverance, strength, energy, health and team bonding.

Please also continue to pray for AIM and all that they do! Each day an AIM staff member comes to talk to us and share more about AIM, and each day our hearts break a little bit more as we hear stories and about the amazing work our Lord is doing here.

God bless you all and your support for us!

Makala G