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Serve With Kids and Students

Posted August 3, 2016 Nic Ferguson

The Well reaches for the next generation. It is a distinctive that makes us The Well. How are you part of reaching the next generation? Maybe you think, "I’m not built to be around kids, tweens or teenagers," and it does take a unique person to walk alongside them. But there are lots of ways to get involved.

Whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours, you can help reach the next generation. Can you organize lists? Buy random items like socks and flour (yes at the same time) and turn in a receipt? Disciple a kid or a student? Bring pizza to a school? Pray? Lead a team? Teach? Drive?

Opportunities are limitless and the mission is massive. There are thousands upon thousands of kids and students in the greater Fresno area, and we want them to know Jesus in a real and powerful way. Join the call. Reach the next generation!