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Religion or the Gospel?

Posted February 2, 2012 Andrew Feil

Because of sin there is a constant pull that happens in our faith. The pull is to religion and not the Gospel. Instead of putting our hope and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ we put it in man made religion. Instead of relying on the grace given to us by God, we rely on our own effort. Below is a graphic that is very helpful in remembering the truth of the gospel. These are truths that we must daily preach to ourselves.

As we wake up each morning there can be a flood of fears and lies that confront us. When these fears and lies confront us we must preach the Gospel to ourselves. As we gather as a Life Group and share our prayers we much encourage each other in the Gospel. As we put ourselves before God through various spiritual disciplines we must remember the Gospel. I hope this graphic encourages and reminds you of the Gospel and not the religion we often fall into.