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Spiritual Growth Self-Assessment

Posted November 17, 2011 Rick Taylor

What does it mean " be like Christ?" " be a disciple?" " be a mature Christian?" Simple questions; challenging to answer. We're often told, "just read your Bible and pray." The Pharisees did that religiously in Jesus' day and yet He was extremely frustrated with the lack of spiritual maturity.

If you want to understand more than ever, what it means to become mature and be more like Christ...and how that happens, then...

Start here! Complete the Anatomy of a Disciple Self Assessment and receive a customized report that will include:

  • A further objective explanation of what a mature follower of Christ looks like and the process that God uses to help us get there.
  • A personalized assessment of where you are at in the maturing process and what is next in the maturing process for you.
  • A list of suggested resources, including books, blogs and other web tools, practices and experiences that God has used in other people's lives to help them grow and may for you as well. The list is customized depending on your personal self-assessment.