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Thoughts from the Study - 1Cor 5 (Part 1)

Posted January 25, 2012 Brad Bell

1Cor 5 is a difficult passage… "Remove the sexually immoral from your midst", "deliver this man to satan", "don't associate with the sexually immoral", and "purge the evil person from among you". Dang! He's not messing around with these people.

This chapter brings to light several key issues regarding sexual immorality. How should we respond to those in our midst who are sexually immoral? What is the churches response? And how should we handle those who are defiantly pursuing immorality?

If last weeks message pushed on you a bit, the following few weeks will be much of the same. When we started the series we tried to explain to everyone that 1Cor was not for the feint of heart… well now we are seeing why.