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Thoughts from the Study - 1Cor 5 (Part 2)

Posted February 1, 2012 Brad Bell

Church Discipline? What in the world should that look like? Isn't that just for the super elites, the really spiritual, or the upper division Christian? Throughout the history of the church this issue has been abused and misapplied and has therefore caused much pain. We have put people on trial, crucified our own, and sought out sin like it was a terror suspect. Now we come to 1Cor 5 and are forced to re-examine the Biblical model for discipline among us. We are faced with forming our own modern day application of this ancient text. Can we excuse it as being a cultural thing? Is is a text that we can somehow marginalize and ignore? Or must we face the true Biblical model of discipline and seek to apply it in our day with grace and truth...