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Thoughts from the Study - 1Cor 5:2-13

Posted February 8, 2012 PJ Lewis

The Well could be accused of many things, but never of backing off from difficult subjects that are taught in the Scriptures. In the past few weeks we have dealt with the depths of sexual immorality, the need for restorative conversations, and the hard call of living out a Biblical model of Church Discipline. These topics have been convicting to say the least and have provoked significant conversations for those who have walked down this road with us.

However, their remains an unanswered question as we work through this chapter; what about those who are sexually immoral, but do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ? How are we to treat them? What should our response be to immorality for those who's hearts have never been given to Christ? In this weeks message PJ will walk us through the text and show us how we are to respond to those who are indulging in the flesh, but have never placed their faith in Jesus Christ.