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415 Fall Fest

September 11th2-4pm

Fall Fest is here,

Come lend me your ear,

While I tell of a tale

One to start off this year.

In the quiet town of Easton,

Each fall they descend,

To play games that are rowdy

Each team wants to win.

There are slides that run slick

With water and dreams,

And a zip line that makes

Even the toughest kid scream.

Is it all fun and games?

A parent might say,

To which we reply:

We know no other way!

After all this is Fall Fest!

How we kick off each year,

We rally our new 415’ers

And cheer: Welcome new friends!

We’re so glad you are here,

Get ready to have

Your very best year!

Now back to the fun,

Oh there’s lots to be had.

But here is something

That will make your heart glad.

Jesus is the star

Of all that we do,

So we tell each and every kid,

“Guess what?! He loves YOU!”

Then we send them back home

Fall Fest done for this year,

But we’ll see them on Sunday,

Dressed in their best gear.

So start the year off right,

Come to Fall Fest, bring friends!

We promise you won’t

Want this night to end.

  • Date: Saturday, September 11, 2021
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Location: Snell Residence, 805 W. Jefferson Ave., Fresno 93706
  • Who: All 4th & 5th grade students and their parents
  • What: Annual 415 Fall Fest, Spies & Assassins color war, inflatables, Jesus, Food, Fun, Games. Bring your friends!
  • Cost: $10 per student

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