What is a Global Internship?

Global Internships are for people who want to spend a summer, a semester, or up to two years sharing the gospel in a cross-cultural context. Two months to two years is a good timeframe for someone who wants to explore and discern the calling God might have for them.

Global Internship Requirements:

  • Christ-follower
  • Commitment of 2 months to 2 years
  • Attended Discovery at The Well
  • Involvement at The Well for at least 1 year
  • Meet with Campus Pastors, Lead Team and elders
  • Completion of Internship approval process and training
  • Global Internship Process
Step 1 - Contact

Email our Missions Director, Kyle Guerrero (kyle@thewellcommunity.org), to let him know you are interested in doing a Global Internship. The Missions Department will set up a time to meet and get to know you. In that meeting you will have an opportunity to share what God is calling you to and any opportunities you may have to serve. You will also have the chance to hear how The Well sends Global Interns and learn about the process for being equipped and sent out.

Step 2 - Application

Please fill out and turn in the Global Intern Application before meeting with The Well Staff reviewing your application. Please answer all questions fully. Once the application is turned in, the Missions Department will review your application and notify you if it has been accepted. We have many serving opportunities through our Global Partners. Contact us to find out more details.

Step 3 - Partnership Development

The Well Community Church is not a sending organization, but we partner with organizations to send out individuals and families. All financial support must be processed through your main sending organization.

Creation of a Core Teams: Core Teams consist of trusted and mature Christians who work as a support for the Global Intern and build a bridge with the Missions Department to provide care and make prayer requests known.

Step 4 - Training

All Global Interns will be required to undergo training. If the sending organization provides training, we will help evaluate which training pieces may be missing. In our desire to send you out well, we will attach you to a gathering so the Campus Pastor and church can continue to pray for you.

Step 5 - Go

Once you are in the field, it will be your responsibility to keep regular contact with your Core Team and the Missions Department. We want to tell your story and share what God is doing at your location. The church can keep up by reading a quarterly blog post about your life. When visiting Fresno, you will participate in debriefing meetings so that we will know how to best support you.

For questions, email missions@thewellcommunity.org.

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