The Well Community Church

Serve Fresno Sermon Series

There’s something powerful about people whose hearts have been changed, who speak and live the gospel, because the proclamation of good news is amplified by good deeds that therefore bring good will. May we be a people of faith on the move, who don’t simply attend a church gathering, but allow the gospel that is changing who we are on the inside to evidence itself in good deeds on the outside. Let’s lead well and be a church that lives outside its walls, investing in areas of our city so everyone can see the love of Christ.

Sermon Listing

Apr 15 2018 The Great Commandment / Matthew 22:36-40

Mike Slayden

Loving our neighbor is part of loving God. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive; they are inseparable. People can see our love of God by how we love others. Jesus modeled that for us by how He…

Apr 29 2018 Created for Good Works / Ephesians 2:8-10

Josh Hawley

First God works in us. Then He works through us, because we were created for good works. Believers are in for a lifetime of servanthood, and Jesus was our ultimate example of that.