The Well Community Church

Serve Fresno: The Gospel on Display Sermon Series

When we raise our affections to God as our ultimate pursuit and allow Him to transform us while being connected to each other in community, our hearts are changed. And changed hearts can’t help but overflow into action, where we become an aroma of Christ as we love and serve others, putting the gospel on display for everyone we encounter.

Sermon Listing

Mar 24 2019 Learning From the Early Church / Acts 1-4

Brad Bell

The early church engaged with people in their city in a profound way. They were aware of what people were experiencing and got involved to meet their needs. Since The Well started, God has been…

Mar 31 2019 Life in Community / John 17

Brad Bell

Of all the ways God could have revealed Himself, Jesus chose a small group environment where He and His disciples did life together and ministered to those around them. With a heart of influence in…

Apr 7 2019 Individual Change / Romans 12:1-2

Mike Slayden

When we have a proper understanding of the gospel and all that Jesus has done for us, we are transformed internally, and over time our lives begin to look different because of the overflow of the…

Apr 14 2019 Recap and Stories / Matthew 5:13-16

Mike Cirricione

Throughout this series, we have seen what it looks like for the church, small groups, and individuals to live out their faith. These are some of the stories of how our people put the gospel on display…