Weekly Sermons


The Benefits of Justification by Faith / Romans 5:1-21

October 19, 2014
Brad Bell
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The first several chapters of Romans remind us that we are dead in our transgressions and sins. It ruthlessly points out the depth of our depravity and steadily reminds us that without faith in Jesus Christ we have no hope for salvation. But as the book continues, the hope in the gospel unfolds. This week’s message deals with the benefits of justification by faith and the privilege we have in Christ. Due to the finished work of Christ we are invited into participation in four key elements: let us enjoy peace with God, let us exult in the hope of the glory of God, let us exult in our tribulations and let us exult in God through Christ. The gospel not only grants us a positional peace with God but also offers us a tremendous invitation to enjoy the benefits of the gospel.


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