Weekly Sermons

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Laodicea / Revelation 3:14-22

September 10, 2017
Shea Sumlin
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Laodicea was a vibrant city in the first century. Much like our own American culture, they were driven by hard work, determination, self-will, and a deep desire for progress, innovation and prosperity. As a result, the city became very wealthy and affluent, and didn’t need anything from anyone. While it’s one thing for a city trying to develop itself in the midst of commercialism and free market enterprise, it’s something quite different when a church begins to adopt those same attitudes and actions to such an extent that they no longer need the presence and power of Jesus in the deeds they're doing. This is where we find the church of Laodicea in Jesus' letter to them. In this message we'll explore the dangers of pride and self-sufficiency in the church, and how to rightly place our dependence upon the all-satisfying sufficiency of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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