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February 3, 2013
Brad Bell
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"It was easy for God to get the people out of Egypt, but harder to get Egypt out of the people." You've probably heard us mention the expression multiple times, but the truth of it becomes clear in the book of Numbers. The books of Numbers and Deuteronomy focus on the transition from the old generation; their disobedience to God triggered a handoff to the next generation. God restates the law to the youth of the day through Deuteronomy. In these books, God continually shows His sufficiency and provision, despite a rebellious people. His patience and faithfulness build a strong foundation for our modern-day understanding of the character of God.



Moses, a descendant of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Approx. 1446-1406 B.C. during the forty years that the nation of Israel wandered in the wilderness. Numbers was not finished until the nation was poised to enter the land (Numbers 35:1) in 1406 B.C.


Israel’s Journey

Israel's journey included preparations, provisions, delays and faith.

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The book of Numbers depicts a son rebelling and then growing up. It records the preparation for and the delays in the nation’s journey to its promised land, which none of them had ever seen. It speaks of the preparations to settle into their new home at the end of their 39th year wandering in the wilderness. The last 11 chapters speak to and about a whole new generation of people than the first 25 chapters.

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Moses, as claimed nearly 40 times in the book itself as well as attributed by Jesus and other New Testament writers (Matthew 19:7-9, Mark 7:10, Acts 3:22, Romans 10:19).


Fifteenth Century B.C., as Israel is living in tents, the author assumes his hearers remember Egypt and the wilderness, and there is a firsthand knowledge of historical and geographical details.


Israel’s Reminder

This is a reminder to Israel of what God has done, of what they should do and of what God will do.

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Deuteronomy consists of 3 sermons or farewell messages by Moses, who is now 120-years-old and at the end of his life and ministry. It is addressed to a new generation who is about to possess the land and has survived or been born during the 40 years in the wilderness. Moses desires for the people to own their faith and pass it on to further generations through their love for God, heartfelt teaching and dynamic lifestyles.

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