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October 27, 2013
Brad Bell
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Few books have shaped the landscape of Christianity like the book of Romans. It has shamed the brightest of theologians and brought comfort to the simplest of minds. Outlining what a life of faith looks like, the Apostle Paul walks us through faith from origin to public expression. Through eleven chapters of theology, we are exposed to the source of and theological implications of faith. In chapters twelve and following, Paul shows us what a life of faith should look like. This book serves as a wonderful framework for what it means to live a life of faith in Jesus Christ.


Paul, the apostle, originally named Saul, a Pharisee by birth and conviction until confronted by Jesus Christ.


Paul likely wrote this letter while in Corinth on his third missionary trip in A.D. 57-58. Because it is written to both Jewish and Gentile Christians in Rome, it had to be written after the death of Emperor Claudius in A.D. 54, who had banished all Jews from Rome, and before the beginning of Emperor Nero’s reign of terror in A.D. 64. Since Paul had not been there yet, it had to be written before A.D. 60 when he went to Rome as a prisoner.


The Church’s Gospel

The gospel includes justification by faith alone and sanctification by faith alone.

Additional Info

Romans is the best encapsulated record of Paul’s basic message of the gospel used throughout his missionary travels. Rome obviously had a large church at the time that needed to be grounded in the basic tenets of the faith. This church was made up of both Jewish and Gentile Christians who seemed to have a limited understanding of each other and the basics of the Christian faith.

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