Weekly Sermons

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Smyrna / Revelation 2:8-11

September 17, 2017
Mike Cirricione
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Smyrna was a wealthy and beautiful city that was very faithful to Rome. While the city was rich, the church at Smyrna was poor, having experienced financial persecution being kicked out of the marketplace by the Roman government for their refusal to worship Caesar. Jesus wrote to commend them on their endurance, but also to encourage and comfort them in the midst of a greater persecution that was coming. They would be called to give up their lives for the sake of the gospel. In this message we will explore the depths of our love for Jesus, our understanding of His grace, and the value we give Him in our lives. Are we willing to pay a price to follow Jesus in light of the price He paid for us on the cross and the promise He gives of eternal life?


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