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Miracles The Gospel of Matthew

The Leper and the Centurion / Matthew 8:1-13

March 10, 2019
Mike Slayden
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After Jesus finishes the Sermon on the Mount, we begin to see some of the people’s responses to what they heard. The leper knelt before Christ and asked to be healed, fully believing Jesus had the ability to do it if He were willing. And Jesus healed him. We also see the centurion, who approached Jesus on behalf of his paralyzed and suffering servant. The centurion not only believed Jesus could heal, but also believed Jesus was powerful enough to do it without being in the servant’s vicinity. Both of these men had huge faith in Christ, believing He was who He said He was. We have the entire Bible pointing to Jesus being the Messiah, the Savior of the world. Do we demonstrate the kind of faith of the leper and the centurion?


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