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Miracles The Gospel of Matthew

The Power of Your Story in Your Context / Matthew 8:28-34

May 12, 2019
Brad Bell
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At the end of chapter 8, we see Jesus entering a pagan land. It’s there that he comes across some demon-possessed men who were living in a tomb, deeply disturbed and prone to violence. Mark 5 adds some details to the story, specifically about one of the men, saying that Jesus set him free and he was returned to his right mind. When Jesus goes to leave the region, the man wants to go with Him, but Jesus tells him to stay and tell people what happened, and God uses this guy to influence a region for Him. The beauty of the gospel is that it frees you from the chains of your past and allows you to bear fruit right where you are – because your story of life transformation in your context is powerful to those who get to see you change.


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