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Final Words The 7 Statements Jesus Makes on The Cross

Passion Week: Final Words-7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross - Sunday - Day 2

March 26, 2021
John 19:26

As the mob of mockers and murderers are still gathered around, Jesus has a brief interaction with the two criminals hanging beside him. One joins in the mockery while the other sees his need for mercy. It is here that Jesus makes a promise that stretches through time to you and me, His dear children, in desperate need of His mercy.

Read Passage: “Today shalt thou be with Me in paradise.” — Luke 23:43

Reflection Questions:

1. How do you see yourself reflected in each of the thieves on the cross? How have you been both the mocker and the recipient of mercy?

2. How might unconfessed sin keep you from experiencing God’s mercy?

Take a moment to testify to how the rich mercy of God has collided with your life and as the Psalmist would do, write a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s kindness towards you.


Oh Lord, you are so merciful, so Holy and so worthy to be praised. Thank you for your sacrifice on the cross, trading my sin and shame for reconciliation and freedom. Forgive me for my pride and selfishness that mocks your name. Help me to turn to you quickly and reject the things that keep me far from you. Thank you for the promise of your presence now and forever. Thank you that your goodness and mercy will follow me all the days if my life. Amen.

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