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Final Words The 7 Statements Jesus Makes on The Cross

Passion Week: Final Words-7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross - Thursday - Day 6

March 26, 2021
John 19:29-30

As we have experienced this week, some powerful events happened as Jesus took our place on the cross: hate is met with LOVE, Paradise is promised to a criminal, and to fulfill the Scriptures, Jesus says “I thirst.” Today, if you feel undone by suffering or unfinished is your fight against sin, stand near Jesus’ cross.

Read Passage: “It is finished.” — John 19:29-30

Reflection Questions:

1. Life on this earth promises both seasons of suffering and struggles with ongoing sin. What is hardest for you today? Will you take some time to speak to your Father, knowing He wants to hear your heart (Psalm 62:8)?

2. In Romans 8:26-39 we find some of the most powerful promises of help and hope for the sins and sufferings of this life. Read this passage in light of Jesus words, “It is finished.” Take some time to praise your Father for fulfilling His every promise of help and hope in Jesus Christ –until He finishes His work in you and in this world.


Father, I confess there are time I am undone by the suffering in my life and in the life of those around me. Like the psalmist, I cry out “How long O’ Lord?” There are times I feel so unfinished in my struggle against sin. Will you press into my heart your Son’s words, “It is finished!” to fight the voices of others, the enemy and mine that throw my sin in my face and cause me to doubt You are up to something good even in suffering. Help me praise you for Your Son’s defeat of sin and suffering at the Cross and give me a fresh understand of His ongoing work, His reign and rule to make all things new. I praise you for the promise that you are at work in me and in the world finishing, You will complete me and all things to perfection.

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