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Final Words The 7 Statements Jesus Makes on The Cross

Passion Week: Final Words-7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross - Wednesday - Day 5

March 26, 2021
Melissa Danisi
John 19:28

Wedged in between Jesus calling out to God about being forsaken and just before He declares "It is finished" he says two words: I thirst. While this could show the excruciating suffering of dehydration and near death, his humanity on display, I think this thirst He's referring to is more than for water. It is the cosmic thirst we all have apart from God. We all look to other things to quench that thirst, but here we see Jesus on the cross take our thirst so we, like the woman at the well, will never have to thirst again. 

Read Passage: “I thirst.” — John 19:28

Reflection Questions:

1. What things do you look for in this world to quench your thirst for God? 

2. Read John 4:4-42. What stood out to you in this story of the woman at The Well and her interaction with Jesus? 

3. What ways can you begin to see God as all sufficient and all satisfying not only in your eternal needs, but your daily needs? 


Lord, you are all sufficient and all satisfying. Thank you for your Son who in the very last moments of His excruciating death would take on our cosmic thirst so we would never have to thirst for you. Help us exchange all of the lesser things we seek out to fill us, to satisfy us, to quench our desires. Help us to see the obedience and sacrifice of Jesus as the only way to eternal salvation and security with You.


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