Women's Bible Study

Week 7: 1 Peter 3:13-22

October 26, 2020
Melissa Danisi, Heidi Powell, Dorina Gilmore -Young, Jess Visser
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Last week, we examined Peter's words about submission within marriage. We discussed how the historical and cultural context shape our understanding of how the believer should show honor to a spouse, particularly an unbelieving one. Peter removes all double that submission is a topic for women only. Every believer is called to submit.

This week, Peter will round out his thoughts on submission by describing how to submit even in the midst of persecution. How should the believer respond to suffering that results from doing good? our passage this week contains one fo the most difficult texts in the New Testament, so bring your study skills. We'll work to gain some ownership over a few verses we may usually move past as quickly as possible. And we'll end with a vision of authority and submission that will make the work worthwhile.

Submission: Part 3

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