Women's Bible Study

Week 9: 1 Peter 5

November 9, 2020
Melissa Danisi, Brad Bell, Danny Herwaldt, Dorina Gilmore-Young

As Peter winds down his letter to the church, he concludes with an exhortation to those charged with leading it. His message matters, not just for those in authority, but for those under it. we will work to hear Chapter 5 as those who lead and as those who are led. Because all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable, we will even spend time looking at Peter's final greetings to see what treasure they hold.

As you read through the Book of 1 Peter for the last time (and hopefully the ninth time) during the study, pay attention to how your understanding has deepened since the first time you read it. How has the Lord used this brief letter to restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you in your faith? Read with gratitude that the Word of God truly is living and active.

Clothed in Humility

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