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Women's Bible Study

Psalms of Thanksgiving

October 11, 2017
Rose Torres
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Everyone has a season or moments in their life that they remember. They can be small, like getting your driver's license or your first car, or going on your first date, or they can be big, like getting married, having kids or even losing kids. There are some seasons that are great, but for some reason we tend to remember the not-so-great ones. No matter what they are, they are marked moments in your life.

This is exactly what David did when he wrote psalms. He wrote down his marked moments for us to read, understand and learn. He wrote out his prayers for us to understand and grow in the Lord. Even in his difficult moments, he still gave praise to God! He praised God for creating the heavens and the earth, for His undying love and strength and for blessing him with what he needed. David truly sought out the Lord, and the Lord blessed him for it.

These are just a few of many Thanksgiving psalms that are found in the book of Psalms. But I hope you will get a glimpse of this God we serve and have a greater understanding of His character and love that He has for us.

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