Position Paper

  • Jesus and Baptism: In all four Gospels it is recorded that Jesus was baptized. The reasons for Christ’s Baptism were to fulfill all righteousness, for empowerment, and signify to His acceptance by God. What John tried to prevent, Jesus allowed, so we might have an example to follow.
  • Baptismal Regeneration: Arguments exist for baptismal regeneration, which when defined states that Baptism is necessary for salvation of an individual. We believe Baptism is not necessary for a person to be saved. Salvation occurs once through faith in Christ, the repentance of sin, and belief in the gospel.
  • Who is eligible to be baptized? Individuals who have placed their faith in Christ are eligible for Baptism.
  • What about children? We believe parents are the primary overseers of their children and ultimately responsible for their children’s spiritual development. The church leadership is responsible to guard, initiate, and uphold the ordinance of Baptism. Together we work to help young people take steps of faith and grow in their spiritual development. This issue of age is one that causes tension in homes and churches. We strongly believe the decision for Baptism needs to be birthed from within the young person and not declared by the parent. We want to partner with the parents and child to help ensure biblical readiness for Baptism. As a matter of policy, we do not set an age requirement. The Bible does not give us a precise age at which people should baptize children. Therefore we depend heavily on the parents and pastors involved to make a godly decision and discern through prayer and counsel when a young person is ready. We would desire to see the child clearly communicate on his or her own initiative what the gospel is, who Jesus is, and what their faith in Him means.
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