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Cafecito, Water Games & More!

July 15, 2019
Costa Rica Team Member
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On Friday, some of us started the morning at 5:15 by playing volleyball in the middle of the street before breakfast. Our host mom, Ana, made us some interesting pancakes, and at the office, we dove straight into our devotionals, which talked about Cain and Abel, Enoch, and Martha and Mary. After that we were divided up and we had to make an “Instagram post” about our stories. Mike gave a quick sermon and then we took off to our ministry sites.

Our team went to three different sites today. I went to the creative arts workshop, where we had cafecito, built some obstacle courses, filled water balloons, and played water games with the little kids. After leaving the small park we played at, we returned to the site and had coffee and cookies, along with Dani (Creative Arts leader) telling the kids how we should always thank God, no matter the circumstances. Even though a couple of us got soaking wet today, it was so much fun hanging out with the SI workers and starting the foundation of our relationship with the kids.

We returned back to the office, after we changed our wet clothes, and told the other team members everything we did that day. We also did Culture night which involved a lot of eating delicious and interesting local fruits and homemade tortillas, along with café. We ended the day with a quick Sparkle, Frazzle, Flame, and returned to our homes where we spent the rest of the night playing Jenga.

- Chanel B.

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