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Apr 10 Powers-Ginsburg Saturday Sports

Posted by The Well Video Team

Every weekend, people from The Well participate in Saturday Sports, a program through Every Neighborhood Partnership, that meets on local elementary school campuses. Through sports, crafts and hanging out with kids week to week, the hope of the gospel is spreading throughout our city. Take a look at… More


Mar 28 It Takes a Village

Posted by Chris Schultz

There aren’t many days that I don’t feel the weight of responsibility as a parent. My wife Jennifer and I have four beautiful gifts named Kamryn, Addison, Tessa and Samantha (four daughters, in case you didn’t catch that), and we count it a privilege to be their parents. But parenting is hard and… More


Mar 13 Seeing Life Change in West Africa

Posted by Missions

Ronaldo grew up in a small village called Tame. A few times each day, a truck rolls through the village on the dusty road that serves as the community’s only lifeline to the outside world. If you can catch a ride, a bumpy journey through the forest takes you to the town of Canchungo. Ronaldo made… More


Jan 17 Unique Perspectives in Haiti

Posted by Haiti Team Members

It has been said that life is like all of us being in the same theater, watching a different movie. This is because we each bring a unique perspective to the situations we encounter. Below are three different stories from Tami, Meadow and Ali about an encounter we had with a young man who led a… More


Jan 12 One of Those Days in Thailand

Posted by Kristen L. - Thailand Team Member

We are now on day four in the village. The past three days have been challenging, amazing and exhausting. The Lord definitely knows how to use these days for His work and for molding me. He has been stretching me in ways I didn’t realize, and today was one of those days. I worked on building bricks… More


Jan 11 Thailand, a Dream Fulfilled

Posted by Kelly M - Thailand Team Member

How do I describe what it’s like to see a dream fulfilled… or to see the faces of those I’ve heard of for so long, or the ones seen only in photographs? It’s been a whirlwind of joy and so humbling to be here in Ma Oh Jo, Thailand. I’m humbled by God’s faithfulness, by the belief in me that my… More


Jan 9 Returning to Haiti

Posted by Haiti Team Members

I am Jeremy Young. I am 12 years old and in the 6th grade. I went to Haiti because I was born in Kenscoff, Haiti. I lived in an orphanage in Kenscoff until just before my 4th birthday, and my family decided to go on this mission trip to visit the country where I was born. I am Haitian and this trip… More


Jan 9 Haiti Team Is Back!

Posted by Jordan & Ali Harris - Haiti Team Members

Gumby (the character that many will remember as green and ever so flexible) sits in the living room of the mission’s house where teams stay as they visit the ministries in Pignon, Haiti. He serves as our mascot for the week—a visual reminder of our need to flex and stretch outside of our comfort… More


Jan 6 Journey up to Meet the Hill Tribe People

Posted by Thailand Team Member

We left Chiang Mai around 8:30 a.m. this morning, heading up into the unknown. Everyone was excited to get to the heart of the trip, the real reason we all made this journey half way around the world. In three heavily loaded pickup trucks, we made the trek up into the hills of Northern Thailand. It… More


Jan 2 More Than A Calling

Posted by Debbie T.

If anybody would have told me that the Lord would be sending me to Thailand 5 years ago, I would have said, “Really?” Five years later and my fourth trip, the Lord continues to amaze me in so many ways, including calling me back. This year has been a very different year with the passing of my… More