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Exposure Trip Prayer Points

September 29, 2020
The Well Missions
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  • Health and safety during travels
  • Learning posture toward partner organizations
  • People will come to know Jesus
  • Team would return excited for God's next step

Join us in specific prayer for our upcoming Exposure Trip teams before they go to Cambodia and Ethiopia. Pray for health and safety during travel and no exposure to COVID. Pray that they would have a learning posture towards the organizations they are working with and that people will come to know Jesus. Pray that the teams will come back excited for the next step God has for them.



December 30/31- January 9/10, 2021

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
16,195,00 million people in Cambodia
1.77% Evangelical (3.2% Christian)
Language: Khmer

Megan Weber, Kayleigh Royer, Chris Beery, Karlee Pottorff, Matt Olson, Tiffany Brassfield, Danae Manibog, Mike Cirricione

We will be working with Agape International Missions in a village near Phnom Penh, Cambodia. AIM's work is to rescue, restore, and reintegrate survivors of sex trafficking through Christ's love and gospel, to prevent sexual slavery by planting and equipping the church to do the same in vulnerable and exploited communities worldwide.

There we will be working alongside AIM's church by helping lead a Bible study, lead in a church and team building. In the afternoon, we will be doing outreach to people who work in the local brick factories, leading more workshops or doing VBS with the local neighborhood kids.



January 13-24, 2021

Sodo, Ethiopia
114,025 million people in Ethiopia
18.14% Evangelical (59% Christian)
Language: Amharic

Josh Hawley, Maddie Yee, Liz Chuhlantseff, Ellen Middleton, Sandra Huizar, David Quenzer

This trip is part medical and non-medical trip. Medical health workers will have the opportunity to work at the hospital, while the non-medical work team members will be doing VBS for missionary children, spending time with children who are in the hospital, and with the missionary school.

The hospital is located in Soddo, a city of roughly 80,000 people in southwestern Ethiopia, about 200 miles (330km) from Addis Ababa. It is the center of the Wolaitta region, which has about 2.5 million inhabitants and is one of the most populated and impoverished parts of Ethiopia.

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