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Caring for Orphans in Ukraine

July 9, 2019
Ukraine Team Member
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This is my first international missions trip, a.k.a. Exposure Trip, which perfectly describes what this has been for me!


These Ukrainian orphans have crammed housing spaces, PVC pipe portable showers, and hole-in-the-ground toilets without any form of soap. I always knew orphans existed and that the Bible says we are to love and care for them, along with widows (James 1:27.) However, before this Exposure Trip, I never considered showing love and care through adoption.

After witnessing how rarely these children receive genuine love, my heart has completely changed for these children. I had no idea what these children experience, and now I would adopt one in the future with no problem at all. Through adoption, I would then be able to show God’s love to them for more than two weeks, and also give them a second chance at a family life and allow them to further the word of the gospel to other orphans, reaching them on another level.

- Nikita K.

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