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Challenging My Faith in Cambodia

Posted June 17, 2019 Cambodia Team Member

Happy Monday from Cambodia!

Friday was the last day we worked with the young disciples and the kids at kids club! Hannah and I led the young disciples in the morning and taught about team unity. Working with the AIM staff has been a blast and we already love them so much.

Also, my birthday was on Saturday!! During the final activity in kids club, the AIM staff and our team surprised me with a birthday cake! That made me feel super special!

God has been teaching me the importance of trusting His plan wholeheartedly! As unexpected things have come up, I have learned to solely rely on God in the midst of chaos!

During this past week I have led the children’s Bible story, led the young disciples group and got to know more about the AIM staff. God is taking me out of my comfort zone and challenging my faith, and I have enjoyed learning more about his Word and His love through AIM.

- Becca T.