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Glasses for Villagers in Thailand

Posted January 10, 2017 by Thailand Team Member

This year our team was fortunate enough to have a volunteer named Doug from Colorado who could help with basic eye exams for the villagers of MaOhJo and the surrounding villages. We saw about 100 children, all who had excellent vision except for one who needed glasses. He seemed pretty happy about them and we have watched him wear them proudly over the week. He says his homework is easier and he performed well in all the kids day games.

It was much easier to teach the kids the tumbling E chart than the adults. Watching the adults provided much entertainment for the team and the other villagers. They did not seem to understand the E and get their fingers to go the correct direction. Somehow we managed to get exams done and handed out several pairs of glasses. It has been rewarding to see them on the villagers, and we hope we can continue to bring eye care into the village.

Doug says thanks for letting him participate, and was a valuable member of our team this year!

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