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God Really Challenged Me

Posted June 30, 2018 Costa Rica Team Member

My first week of this Exposure Trip was not what I was expecting. I came in with the mindset that I was here to help these people; I did not think the opposite would happen.

God really challenged me to be still and watch as He was working. Initially, I was worried about being placed at women’s social work because I did not think it would be a good fit for me. Throughout the week God showed me how my spiritual gifts could be used to glorify Him even in a site that I did not think I would like. Now I see that in this site I am not only sharing the love of God to these women, but they are also impacting my life in so many ways. We only have a few days left at our sites and I cannot wait to see how God works in those days.

Another piece of exciting news from this trip happened this past weekend. Out of all the places you would expect, it did not happen at the sites or at the Students International house during devotionals. It happened at the beach. A few years ago I had a mentor that shared how she was baptized in the ocean. This always stuck with me because the beach is my favorite place and is where I feel God’s presence the most. I was baptized at a young age, but I never got to make that decision for myself. This week God opened my eyes and my heart in so many different ways. He put it on my heart to be baptized here in the ocean in Costa Rica. This time it was my decision! Even though my biological family was not able to be with me, my church family was. I was baptized alongside people who are so special to me. I am so grateful to be here in Costa Rica to experience the great work God is doing here and in my life.

Kennedy D.