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God’s Heart for All Nations

July 16, 2019
China Team Member
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My time in China was over in the blink of an eye, but I experienced so much in that short time.

Our team was constantly on the move, traveling by foot, planes, vans, taxis, subways, bullet trains, and even motorcycles! The beautiful scenery and culture we witnessed was enough to keep us constantly astonished. We interacted with locals at remote villages, bustling markets, and lively English corners, all the while being aware that we may have unwanted eyes on us. Our last few days, we were able to slow down and unpack what we had learned about ourselves, God, and the world.

Upon reflection, my team and I were able to discuss how we had each been changed by our experiences. These experiences were supported by the morning devotionals and discussions we had throughout the week. While each of us had our own separate experiences and areas of growth, we all agreed that we understood God and His passions a little better. Through firsthand interactions, we witnessed how so many people in China are deprived of spiritual contentment. Only Jesus can satisfy this emptiness, and so many of them knew little or nothing of the gospel. Our hearts went out to these people, and our Scripture studies allowed us to see how God has desired these people to be a part of His plan from the very beginning. Isaiah 46:10 says that God’s name will be exalted among all nations.

We are overjoyed to have reached the people we did in our short time, but we realize there is a lot of work to be done. As it says in Matthew 24:14, the end will not come until the gospel is preached to all nations (ethnos, literally all ethnicities).

From our reading and brainstorming, we concluded that a number of next steps could be in store for us. It could be another Exposure Trip (short-term missions trip) or even a long-term missions trip. Some of us feel we are better equipped to be senders, or missionaries to the foreigners already in our country. Ultimately, we don’t all know exactly what our next steps should be, but our hearts are now prepared as we pray and wait for God’s guidance.

- Sam H.

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