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Haiti Team Is Back!

Posted January 9, 2018 Jordan & Ali Harris - Haiti Team Members

Gumby (the character that many will remember as green and ever so flexible) sits in the living room of the mission’s house where teams stay as they visit the ministries in Pignon, Haiti. He serves as our mascot for the week—a visual reminder of our need to flex and stretch outside of our comfort zones.

One area we needed to practice this flexibility was in our teams blog posting and updates. It so happened that we did not have access to the internet during our stay. However, the Lord did, and is doing, a wonderful work in Haiti, and we still want to share some of our experiences from our time in this beautiful country. Over the next several days, the Haiti team will be sharing those stories.

We pray that as you share in our experiences and lessons learned that you might rejoice with us in the faithfulness of our God and the vitality of His worldwide church.

- Ali and Jordan Harris