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Learning and Growing Through the Lord

Posted July 8, 2019 Ukraine Team Member

The sun rose to a beautiful start to another eventful day.

Walking through the campsite, we are greeted by kids in every corner. It’s like the camp is overflowing with endless smiles. There is an energy here that seems unexplainable. It’s this type of acceptance that looms over the children. They do not care of status and rank, they just seek someone to play with them. I witnessed it as I joined my group of kids to a game of “kartoshka,” a game that resembles volleyball. No matter who you are, if you want to play, you sure can.

We ended our day with a bonfire on the beach. It was an experience that will forever stay with me. I am sad that I cannot speak the language as well as I thought I could. They don’t judge or laugh at my mispronunciations; they help me to improve myself and my speech. The children as well as the leaders are all so welcoming.

I feel like I’m surrounded by light of laughter and excitement. It’s a pure light that learns and grows brighter through the Lord.

- Olga K.