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Loving God and Loving People in China

July 7, 2019
Missions Team
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After over 24 hours and 8,000 miles of travel, we finally arrived at our first destination of ministry in China!

One of our big highlights today was meeting three of the local church leaders we’ll be partnering with this week. I can’t share any pictures of them, or their names, or even the location of where we are at right now. But I can say this about these local church leaders:

1. Persecution for their faith in Jesus and sharing the gospel (including ostracism, threats, arrests and beatings) is such a normal part of their testimony that it doesn’t even come up until you dig deeper with questions. For them the hardest part of being a Christian in China is that people aren’t as open to the gospel as they would like. It is NOT the fact that they are persecuted.

2. Seeing the power of God as greater than the spiritual forces of darkness in opposition to witchcraft through prayer is a normal way people are coming to faith in Christ here among tribal groups in the villages in China.

3. The leaders have asked us to join them in a very simple and clear mission here this week: love God and love people by sharing the gospel, and through prayer.

Can’t wait to see how God works this week!

- Josh H.

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