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Prayers for the Ukraine Team

July 10, 2019
Ukraine Team Member
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I am so far from my comfort zone. I flew 16 hours and then drive another 12 hours to get here. At the camp, I sleep in a shed where the door does not close, swim in the Black Sea where the jellyfish are many, and the mosquitos are having a tough time finding a spot that hasn’t been bitten, including my eyes. Even so, this camp has been the best experience of my life!

It started with me finding out that I would work with a team of 30 kids, half of which have disabilities that I have no experience with. Truly, God has used me and my inexperience to love these kids. Even though I am the kids’ leader, it seems I have learned a lot more from them than they have learned from me. These kids without homes, or even a second pair of clothes, make sure to share every snack and half a cup of soda we are able to give them, with the guy walking around in Adidas Ultra Boosts and an iPhone 10.

The kids have taught me how to pray again, like a child, instead of trying to use fancy words or memorized phrases. I learned Ukrainian sign language to speak with more of these kids, which seemed impossible to me at first. As it turned out, God wanted me to learn it so I can better learn the language for the next time I come.

Please pray for the drive back to Kiev from camp tomorrow, and also the flight back home.

- Eddie V.

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