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Praying for 2 Million Souls in China

July 10, 2019
China Team Member
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The pride I felt as I watched my son eating a chicken head was nothing compared to watching him lay hands on and pray for a man who has struggled with demonic possessions his entire life.

Watching that same man, the one who would regularly throw himself into the fire as a boy, watching him put his faith in Christ as a result of our prayers, was almost more than I could take!

Earlier that same day another man who was covered in tattoos was asking me about my own tattoos. I was able to feebly attempt to share the gospel with him, before being assisted by our local missionary guide. He was much more effective.

We ended our day by driving to the top of the mountain that overlooks the city. We hiked for about 10 minutes before beginning our prayer walk. We prayed against the spiritual strongholds of Buddhism, animism, and atheism that plague the city. We prayed against a “cursed” river where people regularly commit suicide. We prayed for the almost 2 million souls that live in the city.

During our evening debriefing session, our host told us, ”to be a small part of a big thing.” That’s exactly how I’ve felt all week, and that’s exactly how I want to continue feeling.

- John E.

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