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Recurring Theme in Costa Rica

July 10, 2019
Costa Rica Team Member
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Many of us could only dream of going on an Exposure Trip once in a lifetime; I have been blessed by God to go on to two Exposure Trips!

While this is my second Exposure Trip, I was very nervous and excited to see what God was going to teach me. From the start of the trip, I could tell God was trying to show me something. One of the themes I am beginning to see is that doubts aren’t bad; it just means there is room for growth. During our drive to the LAX Airport, our team had a conversation about how to deal with doubt and if there is a point we stop doubting God. As the conversation unfolded, it was pretty clear that doubts are common, and no matter how mature you are in your faith, you will face doubts. It is what you do with those questions that shows your maturity in Christianity.

Costa Rica is so beautiful here and the weather is amazing! After landing, my team and I went to Students International’s base and then to our host family’s house. My roommate Ryan and I aren’t fluent in Spanish. As you can imagine, trying to communicate with people who don’t speak the same language can be hard, but surprisingly funny. Ryan and I have been playing a lot charades with our host mother to have a simple conversations with her. It has been so much fun and amazing to see how patient our host family is with us.

Our second day was by far one of my favorite days because I could just feel God tug on my heart saying, "I am always here, even in the bad." Our devotion for that morning was so impactful because we talked about doubts. Hearing everyone’s personal story of their own doubts was so powerful because it helped me realize I am not alone. I realize that in the midst of the chaos, God is in control, even if I don’t feel Him. He is there. I just need to listen because sometimes His voice is quiet and will not compete with other sounds.

- Danny T.

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