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Scripture Comes Alive in China

July 16, 2019
China team member
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We visited Old Dali City in China and had the opportunity to converse with locals and tourists about the gospel. We approached people to ask them if they had ever heard of Jesus. When possible, we tried to continue the conversation. I had done this type of evangelism before in the United States, but the responses we got here were unlike anything I had seen before. When we told people that Jesus loved them, some thanked us, others brushed us off, and a few even reacted with fear.

Many people just pointed us to the local government-sanctioned church, which was filled to the brim with police officers. We had a few good conversations, however. One of our group members told a woman that we had come to China to tell her that Jesus loves her, and her eyes welled up with tears.

My dad and I met a local pastor and an older woman, who had been Christians for 20 and 10 years, respectively. God’s desire is for all nations to be his people (Isaiah 25:6-8), and Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20).

As we spoke with people yesterday, I saw these verses come to life in a way I never had before. The gospel isn’t just for us; it’s for little old ladies and street vendors in China as well.

- Noah H.

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